Praise for Horton's Advice

I ... felt impressed to discuss and try [Horton's] recommendations for myself and other members of my family. I experienced weight loss, improved general well-being, energy level, and intestinal function, which had been my greatest concern. My mother’s [disease term] improved significantly, as did her muscle aches and pains. Other family members also felt better. Most of the 25 to 30 patients, colleagues, and friends that I referred to Horton also had significant improvements. They had a variety of health problems, including [disease terms], overweight, etc. I am pleased to continue to recommend Horton’s programs to others.
M.D., New York USA

Horton has helped me more than words can say with me and my family's health issues over the past several years. I will be forever grateful for the quality of life he has given us through his incredible knowledge. He seems to know exactly what the human body needs and how to keep it healthy. What a kind man to be so willing to help us! I'll be forever a customer and friend!
C.P. - Provo, Utah

I feel that a unsolicited testimonial is in order. The [product name] has worked wonders. I no longer experience pain in my right shoulder. I feel great and all body functions are normal. Thank you.
L.P. - St George, Utah

Being of small stature and fair skinned I was a perfect candidate for [disease term]. Even though I was taking calcium and with vitamin D along with my daily multivitamins my bone density test two years ago showed early signs of [disease term]. On [Horton’s] advice I switched to [product names]. This year my bone density test revealed no sign of [disease term]. Even my physician told me: I don’t know what you are doing but whatever it is keep it up, and I certainly will!
A.F. - St George, Utah

About four years ago Dr. K. diagnosed me with [disease term]. Dr. C. confirmed Dr. K.’s diagnosis and recommended that I begin taking [product names] which I could obtain from Horton.... I went to my eye doctor at the VA hospital about six months ago. I asked him to check if the [disease term] was progressing at all. He examined me, and re-examine me five times, and said he could find no trace of [disease term].
L.B. - St George, Utah

I want to thank [Horton] for helping me get my health back, especially in relation to my being able to give birth to this healthy baby boy. I have felt better during and after this pregnancy than I did with my first two babies! Thanks again.
H.G. - Riverton, Utah USA

After eight days in hospital with [disease term] flare that affected my lungs and kidneys, I began a program of dietary supplementation under Horton Tatarian’s supervision. My rheumatologist and pulmonologist gave approval. Over the next several months I surprised my doctors by ceasing to need inhalers and drugs for my [disease term]. Eventually, I tapered off steroids and have been free of their devastating effects for eight years. If I have signs of a flare, appropriate adjustments in my supplement schedule get things on the right track again. At 69, I’m busy and happy.
Clinical Social Worker, retired, Colorado USA

When I first contacted [Horton] I suffered MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. I was highly allergic and reactive to many chemicals and molds, had food allergies and was constantly in pain. I was handicapped in that I could not enjoy normal activities and lifestyle. After years of suffering you designed and redesigned nutritional programs to suit my changing needs. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. I no longer have any food allergies and I can tolerate all the airborne pollutants and chemicals I face regularly in my now normal lifestyle.
E.S. - Petersburg, Illinois USA

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