Symptoms of Detoxification

Nothing to Worry About

Detoxification symptoms often follow the use of dietary supplements that boost immune function and detoxification pathways. These symptoms are more common in people with chronic illness since toxic matter is a major cause of inflammation associated with chronic disease.

Examples of detoxification symptoms include temporary nasal drainage and sneezing, lethargy or sleepiness, headache, changes in bowel function, skin rash, and soreness in areas of old injuries (often called "retracing"), all of which typically resolve within a few days or weeks followed by improved health. People commonly report feeling better overall while detoxifying.

Detoxification symptoms suggest that the product is working to improve health, but these symptoms are not required for health benefits. One may avoid or minimize detoxification symptoms by taking a reduced amount of the product initially and staying well hydrated. One may also temporarily reduce product use after symptoms develop and drink plenty of fluids.


Symptoms that do not resolve or worsen over time may indicate an allergy or other intolerance. If you are allergic to any food or nutrient check product ingredients before taking any dietary supplement.

Also, for the following reasons, check ingredients if you have a medical condition:

  1. Some health conditions require dietary restrictions. For example, persons with chronic kidney disease may have limits on their intake of dietary protein, potassium, phosphorous, and other nutrients from any source.
  2. Prescription drugs may interact with nutrients in foods or dietary supplements. Consult your physician, pharmacist, or Make note of any nutrient interactions with your drug and check supplement labels. If you see a potential problem, ask us to recommend an alternative product.

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