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Manufacturers often try to include everything from A to Zinc in their formulas to make them “more complete” and competitive with other brands that do the same. However, an article published in the scientific journal, Mutagenesis, in 2012 states:

Vitamins with antioxidant properties have the ability to act as pro-oxidants, inducing oxidative damage and oxidative stress as opposed to preventing it. While vitamin supplements are commonly consumed, the scientific evidence for their health beneficial effects is inconclusive. In fact, even harmful effects have been reported.

These scientists offer this conclusion: “Taken together, vitamin C and copper stood out with the strongest oxidative potency, which is of potential concern since both substances are commonly found in multivitamins.”

Other scientists confirm these and similar findings.

Check your multiple vitamin for this common mistake in formulation. Products that contain vitamin C along with copper, iodine, iron, or manganese can release billions of free radicals after ingestion. Free radicals cause oxidative stress and may cause oxidative cell damage.

Expertly formulated multiple vitamin mineral products correct nutritional deficiencies, protect your cells from oxidative stress, and promote cell repair. Outstanding products of this type are Detox Pure Pack and Micro Daily.