Adrenal Gland Health


Adrenal Gland Stress

Excess stress, nutrient deficiencies, and toxic chemicals can impair the function of your body cells and tissues. Impaired adrenal gland function will disrupt your body's production of major adrenal hormones.

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Therefore, if you have a problem with energy level, mood, sleep, weight management, immune responses, or inflammation, your adrenal glands may need support.


Adrenal Specific Support

The adrenal specific supplement, Cortisol Manager, works quickly to help reduce stress, promote relaxation, alleviate fatigue, and support healthy cortisol levels, all of which promotes weight loss in overweight persons. Relora® with Bacopa, formulated for weight loss, also supports adrenal function by reducing stress on the system. These supplements work well together, following label instructions.

Whole Body Support

Some whole body supplements also support adrenal function. These products include E3-AFA® 400 mg, Greens Pak Berry, Liposomal C, Reds Pak, and MMF™. These supplements for whole body support work well together in all combinations. Not all supplements work well together, as explained here.

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